BlueStacks 4 Review – Fastest Android Emulator for PC


If you want to run Android on your computer then you must have used a android emulator, But have you ever used BlueStacks 4? It is a latest update that is launched by the makers of BlueStacks, Where they claim that this latest update is way more faster (6 times faster) than the latest android flagship and 8X (8 times) faster than the old version of BlueStacks which is BlueStacks 3. If you haven’t heard about BlueStacks then let me tell you some amazing features and info about the latest version of BlueStacks

What is BlueStacks?

BlueStacks is a software  design to run android OS (Operating System) on any computer (desktop/laptop)

Now lets talk about some info and feature of BlueStacks 4

BlueStacks 4:

BlueStacks 4 is the latest version of BlueStacks in which you can play top android games on your PC without any lag and the UI (User Interface) of this software is way cleaner and simpler than the old version with simple navigation keys on the top-right corner of the software screen.

When I was using BlueStacks 3 on my computer which has Windows 10 with intel i7 processor and nvidia 750ti graphics card the software was still lagging while playing some high-end android games but with BlueStacks 4 there were lots of improvement. So now lets talk about some of the best features which I really liked:

 Top Features of BlueStacks 4:

  1. Improved Gaming Performance: BlueStacks 4 provide you with better graphics and faster gaming experience with only lower CPU and memory usage. Yes! you heard it right this version of BlueStacks uses less resources of your computer
  2. BlueStacks Multi Instance: With this feature you can run multiple android games and apps on same window with same account
  3. Easy Keyboard Mapping: You can easily map keys and also create custom keyboard maps so that you can play your favorite android game with your computer keyboard. So games like PUBG Mobile will run like charm!!
  4. More Simplified User Interface: Better UI than the old version of BlueStacks with cleaner design and all the unwanted buttons and tabs that were not required for instance were remove

So these were the top features of BlueStacks 4 that I really liked, If you want to know more than you can visit the official site of BlueStacks and try the emulator by yourself

System Requirements for BlueStacks 4:

For WindowsFor Mac
OS – Windows 7 and aboveOS – Mac OS Sierra or higher
Processor – Intel or AMDProcessor – 1GHz processor or above
RAM – Minimum of 2GB of RAMHDD – 4GB Free Disk SpaceRAM – Minimum of 4GB of RAMHDD – 4GB Free Disk Space

Detailed info for system requirement for BlueStacks 4 is given on their official site


BlueStacks 4 vs BlueStacks 3 Comparison Chart:

This image is compiled by BlueStacks team

BlueStacks 4 is the top notch emulator for your computer if you want to run some high-end games and apps and guess what this software is absolutely FREE! So, if you are interested in this emulator then what are you waiting for? Download the latest version of BlueStacks from the official site