How to Create Bootable Disk with ISO Burner Tools

Bootable Disk

There are times when your system get hacked or get attacked with viruses and malwares. On such trivial occasions you definitely need to format your system afresh. Now in order to do that, you would need a bootable disk such as USB or CD/DVD which contain the operating system ISO image files. Now the query that may arise is that what are ISO image files exactly? The term you may have heard many a times before also is actually a terminology to define certain image files which contain softwares and operating systems in the compressed format which makes it easier for software vendors to transfer the necessary information in a convenient way.

Now in order to create a bootable disk you need to burn the ISO image files into the media disk such as CD/DVD or USB. And for that you need certain specific ISO burner tools which are explained in full length in the following article.

1. Burn ISO to USB using Active@ISO Burner Tool

Active@ ISO Burner is a powerful and popular ISO image burning tool. It is an exceptionally different burning tool as it supports three different burning modes (TAO, SAO, DAO). Moreover it supports the test mode burning also which makes it easier for the user to actuate the reliability of the tool. The steps to use the Active@ ISO Burner are given as follows:

  • Step 1. Get your software download and install it on an accessible computer.
  • Step 2. Launch the program file and from the main UI screen click on “Source Full Path” button to bring the ISO image file to the tool windows.
  • Step 3. Now insert your device on which you wish to burn your ISO image files and wait for a while until your device is recognized. Select the right device from the “Target” section and validate the device contents on the right hand side of the pane.
  • Step 4. Choose any one of the modes- Track-at-once; Session-at-once; Disk-at-once if inserted media is to be supported.
  • Step 5. Select the burning speed to Auto-select option.
  • Step 6. Specify how many copies of the Burnt ISO images you want to create within the selected disk.
  • Step 7. Check the box “Erase Read-Write Media” if you wish to erase everything off your media disk.
  • Step 8. Once you are done with your selections, click on “Burn” option to being the burning process.


  1. Depending upon the size of the file it might take some time.
  2. The tool is outdated so it might not work with your system at times.

2: Burn ISO to USB with iSeePassword WizBurn Tool

iSeePassword WizBurn is a powerful tool to burn ISO image files and to create bootable disk with such an efficiency that once used you would not like to user any other burning tool at all. It has served more than millions of users across the internet in the recent few years and thus has gained a lot of popularity.

Tool Specifications:

  1. No internet is required to use this tool.
  2. It supports all types of file system, namely FAT, FAT 32, NTFS, etc.
  3. It supports all kinds of operating system, XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10.
  4. It works for both GPT (UEFI boot) mode and MBR (Legacy BIOS/CMS boot) mode.
  5. It supports both 32-bit and 64-bit OS versions.
  6. No special expertise is needed.
  7. Technical support for customers is available all the time.

Things to Prepare before using WizBurn:

A spare working computer.
The source ISO image file.
The WizBurn Program file itself.

How to use iSeePassword WizBurn Tool:

  • Step 1. Download program from the internet and install it properly for proper functioning ahead.
  • Step 2. Click the “Browse” button to fetch the ISO image file from its location to the tool’s window.
  • Step 3. Choose either “Create a bootable CD/DVD” or “Create a bootable USB” options as per your choice.
  • Step 4. Select the file system format, such as FAT, FAT-32, NTFS.
  • Step 5. After you have selected your priorities, click “Burn” option to start burning the ISO image files to your bootable disk.
WARNING: You will get a notification regarding whether you wish to delete all your contents of the disk or not. Simply click “Ok” to proceed.

3: Burn ISO to USB with Passcape ISO Burner Utility

Passcape ISO burner is an ISO burning tool which can be implemented for various applications besides burning ISO image files into the bootable disk. But we are here primarily concerned about creating the bootable disk by burning the ISO image files. The steps for the method are explained in the following manner:

  • Step 1. Download your software and install it with accurate precision.
  • Step 2. Run it with admin rights and from the main interface screen, select the type of disk you are about to insert it into your computer for the burning process.
  • Step 3. Off the underneath the main screen click on the “Source ISO image file” option to fetch the ISO image file into the Tool windows.
  • Step 4. Select your recorder from the next window and insert your CD/DVD. Click “Burn” button to create the bootable drive containing the burnt ISO image files.


  1. It is intervened with a lot of bugs while the tool runs.
  2. The version of the tool is very outdated.
  3. The process of burning is very slow.


The method mentioned above in the article are very easy to put to use even if you are a novice with computers and laptops, but if you wish to be assured of 100% efficient output, better rely on the iSeePassword WizBurn tool to accomplish your task of burning ISO image files because the first two burning tools have got setbacks which eliminates them out of the assurance of domain.

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