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How to Download Paid Android Apps for FREE

Paid android apps
Note: We do encourage anyone to download any pirated software, apps and games or patches and cracks. This tutorial is for educational purposes only

This tutorial is for those who want to download paid android apps for free, So if you are a newbie who wants a paid android app for you phone then this tutorial is for you

There are many sites on internet where you can download paid apps, all you have to do is search the app name on google and add the keyword “free” and voila you will get the desired app but there are some possibilities that you wont be able to find the specific app for free that easily so in this tutorial I will tell a best method through which you can get any paid android app for free

How to Download Paid Android Apps for FREE

All you have to do is download Blackmart on you android smartphone and that’s it!

What is Blackmart?

Blackmart is a market for those who wants to download apps which are paid on Google Play Store, So you can say that it is an alternative for Google Play Store.

Steps on how to get Blackmart:

  1. Click Here to download Blackmart for Android
  2. Then install it on your android phone/tablet
  3. Now go to your phone Settings > Security and just check on “Unknown sources
  4. That it now you can search for any app on Blackmart and it will be available for FREE

If you have any queries then feel free to ask it in the comment section below

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