Parental Guide : How to monitor your’s kid’s Snapchat Activities


Snapchat is one of the most popular social app in which you can chat OR share your photos with your loved ones. This app is very popular among teenagers, Which is the main reason to keep track of their Snapchat activities.

So in this tutorial I will teach you how you can monitor your kid’s snapchat activities:

Guide – How to monitor your’s kid’s Snapchat Activities :

There are many ways to monitor snapchat activities but the easiest way is to use a remote app which can track all the snapchat activities like messages and multimedia files. Here is one of the most popular remote app that you can use:


mSpy is one of the most popular mobile tracker (Mobile Spy) app which is available on internet, It can track all of your mobile activities like message logs, WhatsApp Chat, Facebook Chat and even Snapchat activities like:

Snapchat activities

  1. Tracking/View all the multimedia files – You can view all the multimedia files which are shared (Send/received) via Snapchat even deleted multimedia files!
  2. View disappeared snaps/messages – There is a feature in Snapchat in which a snap gets disappear after 10 seconds, but with mSpy you can view all the disappeared snaps
  3. Track Snapchat activities/logs – You can track all the activities/logs of Snapchat like time and date of exchanged snap/chat and monitor conversations.

There are many more features which you can check here

How to get mSpy:

Note: This app require rooted android OR jailbroken iOS
  1. Go to and purchase mSpy app
  2. Choose your subscription package (I recommend the premium package)
  3. Once you have bought mSpy then just follow the instructions which are send to your email ID
  4.  That’s it!! Now you can start monitoring your kids Snapchat

There are many more remote monitoring apps that can help you in monitoring your kids Snapchat, but for this tutorial I am using mSpy (This is not a sponsored post)

You can checkout this list which contains all the top mobile monitoring apps:

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