How to Fix Paytm Hanging Problem (Paytm Not Responding Fix)

Paytm Not Responding Fix Featured Image

Due to android update some smartphone users are facing Paytm hanging problem (Paytm not responding problem), So in this guide I will teach you how to fix your Paytm app’s not responding problem (Paytm Not Responding Fix)

What you need:

All you have to do is download Parallel Space from Google Play Store

Steps: Paytm Not Responding Fix

Follow these steps to fix Paytm not responding problem once you have downloaded and installed Parallel Space on your android device:

      1. Open Parallel Space
      2. Click on “Add App
      3. Select Paytm app
      4. Noe click on “Add to Parallel Space” buttonPaytm Not Responding Fix
      5. That’s it! Now you can run Paytm app from Parallel Space without any problem
Tip: Make sure to add Paytm from Parallel Space to your home screen shortcut, for this you need to long press on Paytm icon in Parallel Space and then drag the icon to “Create shortcut” section

If you have any queries then feel free to ask in the comment section below